We’re building a $100M+ STR portfolio in public (because it’s more fun that way), and one of the top requests we get is to follow along the journey!

So, here’s our weekly progress update across all portfolios in 30 seconds or less!

Over the last week…


in revenue from 218 new bookings


MTD Progress


in monthly revenue



expected for the month

That’s 32% above

our projections!

For Next Month

We’re already

17% to goal

for July with over $868,000 in booked revenue already on the books...w00t!

What We’re Seeing in the Market this Past Week

Another week, another record for our community with over $300,000 in bookings this past week and our first $1M+ month in booked revenue. July is poised to shatter our monthly revenue targets as well! If you're considering investing in our 2nd fund, we expect performance to continue to trend like this across all portfolios!

If you're interested in starting your passive

STR investing journey with us, you can always

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Thank you!

Team Techvestor

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