Lower costs to operate because of economies of scale + tech


Higher profits with functional design + automation

Our strategy is refreshingly simple and boring. Focus on the experience, reviews, keeping expenses low, automate what we can and build in systems and processes for repetitive, mundane things.

Focused, strategic, yet simple.

$200+ ADRs

Can this property fetch at least $200 bucks a night? If so, we’re on it like hotcakes. Q1 2022, we’re trending at $300+.

Under $750k homes

We prioritize staying sub the $750k range as to protect against downside risk. With some outliers of course.

10%+ Cash-on-Cash

During underwriting, the property must produce at least 10% CoC and maintain an upward projection.

20%+ Annual ROI

It should hit at least 20% ROI as an average over the first 5 years (cash + equity + tax benefits). Typically, by year 3.

Low Seasonality

We avoid markets with 50% or more swings of seasonality. A little bit of seasonality is normal.

Tax Friendly States

It’s what you keep. Not what you make. Live anywhere but invest where it makes sense.

Underwriting 5 Ways

Us. Lender. Property Management. Us Again. Lender Again. 5 points of failure. Check.

Cost Segregation

Who wants to pay taxes when you can be smart about it? Our properties see 25-35% write offs.

Accelerated Depreciation

Yup, more tax savings. We want tax free cash flow after all. So, we look for those opportunities.

Multi Platform Exposure

Can we list this type of property across multiple channels? We want this to be yes.

Adventurous Experiences

Markets near national parks, destinations and/or outdoorsy tend to outperform.

Long Term Rental Friendly

We underwrite as an STR, MTR and LTR just in the event we need to quickly adapt.


Business goers, travelers, adventure seekers galore. All are welcome.

STR Friendly States

This one is a must. At least in that major jurisdiction to avoid costly buy and sells.


Can this property perform “Ok” in the event of lower than expected OCC? Sub 50%.


How can we make this “pop” off the screen? Guests take 7 minutes before picking a spot.

Cash Flow. Your Way.

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