How it Works

Assuming it’s a good fit, what happens next?

01Meh, Paperwork.We agree, it’s not the best part. But it’s light, easy and you won’t need to qualify with W2s, income statements or all that other crap. You’ll sign an LLC operating agreement to partner with us, some legal disclosures and get the process started. This is least fun part we promise.

02Fund your investment.Your investment includes the downpayment, closing costs, furnishings, professional photography and more. It’s the full gamut. This will be your only out of pocket investment and is 100% All inclusive.

0390 day countdown starts now.We expect it will be about 3 months from start to finish. Acquisition. Funding. Lending. Legal. Insurance. Setting up. Design. Hosting Automation. Implementing technology. And more. As you can see, it’s quite the lift. But, we’ve got it all handled. You won’t lift a finger.

04It's Launch Day!Everything is ready to go! The property is live, generating it’s first few bookings and kinks are working themeselves out. This starts the cash flow journey. Speaking of which, your distributions happen once per quarter so keep an eye out! Ready to do it again?

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