How it Works

Assuming it’s a good fit, what happens next?

01Meh, Paperwork.We agree, it’s not the best part. But it’s light, easy and you won’t need to qualify for a loan. You’ll sign a couple key docs to partner with us, some legal disclosures and get the process started. This is the least fun part we promise.

02Fund your investment.Your investment is diversified across our entire portfolio of 35+ properties (and growing) across 8+ states. You can get started with as little as $25,000 and add more each quarter as you get more comfortable.

03Cash Flow Along the Way 🚀You can expect your first distribution about 3-6 months from the beginning of your investment. We call this the ramp phase where with any good investment, we're doing the dirty work behind the scenes. Finding, designing, setting up and launching profitable properties.

04The Big Exit!Once the properties are stabilized, we'll look to start exiting the portfolio and sell them to the big guys and gals (or on the retail market) for top dollar. All that equity is brought back as "growth equity" and distributed pro rata to you and other investors. And if you liked the experience, let's go for round 2 (or 3).

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