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in annual wealth creation per property, per year


lower taxes paid by owning direct real estate

The smartest thing you can do.

Real Estate is a tremendous vehicle to not only pay for daily expenses via cash flow but also build equity and have someone else pay debts down for you. Not to mention tax benefits and other reasons to invest in STRs. The data tells the story.


our avg revenue per asset


Margins (Net Profit)


more hosts needed


markets around the country

STRs are in Demand.

The reliance on STRs via platforms like Airbnb, VRBO etc. are going up. Pandemic or not.


of STR travelers are under 40, prefer flexible work/life, prioritize experiences in homes vs. hotels and consider themselves avid travelers.


The minimum nightly rate we target

Our markets include submarkets in AZ, CO, FL & more. Our average nightly rate fetches premiums because of our design, functionality, experience, reviews and automation.

Adoption is Growing (Second Measure)

Market Share is Growing (Second Measure)

Bookings are ticking up (airDNA)

Better Operations = Better Returns (airDNA)

Demand is outpacing Supply

Growth Rate is Increasing (airDNA)

Revenue is increasing (stayFi)

ADRs are Increasing (airDNA)

Nightly rates are increasing (iGMS)

STR travelers are increasing (stayFi)

Rural, domestic destinations are winning (Home2go)

Domestic Travel is preferred (Home2go)

Demand is increasing post pandemic (Rental Scaleup)

Weekly RevPar is increasing (airDNA)

The problem is in Self Hosting. The STR space is full of non-institutional operators (aka moms and pops) who aren’t using technology, tracking expenses or optimizing for growth. Hence, that is the opportunity.

So, we built a better mousetrap.

  • Acquisition

  • Property Management

  • Clean Design

  • Professional Photography

  • Integrated Lending

  • Tax Optimized

  • Economies of Scale

  • Automated Price Optimization

  • 24/7 Guest Experience

  • Hosting on Autopilot

  • Lower CapEX exposure

  • & More

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