Cash flow & Real Estate changed our lives from the start. We just didn’t realize it until a decade later.

— S&S aka Sabrina & Sief



Our Story

We’ve been investing in real estate since 2009. Doing everything from private lending, flipping and long term hold. The journey to cash flow and growth was hard. Incredibly time consuming, lots of mistakes and over a decade of memories, both good and bad.

Around that same time, a small little company was beginning that had a wild vision of allowing a “stranger” to stay the night at your place. That company was Airbnb. Little did we know it but our journey would lead us to STRs (short term rentals) as one of the biggest reasons we were able to break free from the 9-5 from places like Facebook & Apple.

10 years later and we’ve learned that having short term rentals in your portfolio for the cash flow can be a powerful wealth building strategy. The process of doing one was shitty. Lenders. Brokers. Management. All headaches.

So, we built a better mouse trap. One that was simple, passive and partnership driven with aligned incentives from day one. Cash flow from day one. Transparency from day one. And tax benefits from day one.

We’re focusing on helping others accomplish what we’ve been able to do and to date, we’ve helped hundreds get started or continue their REI journey. 

Our Vision

“Freedom” – Whatever that means to you.

Maybe it’s to break away from the 9-5. Maybe it’s to save for college. Maybe it’s to take care of our parents. Whatever your “why” is, cash flow and real estate can help.

Aligned Incentives.

No one likes un-necessary fees. Neither do we. You get paid first and foremost. Our partnership is built so that we’ll always have each others best interests.

Passive. So you can live life.

Family. Work. Hobbies. Adventures. Life. We don’t have enough time or energy every day as it is. Investments are intended to work for you. We can help.

Parents, dog moms, techies and more.
REI + Cash Flow is a game changer.

No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, REI doesn’t have to feel impossible. Our community comes from all walks of life, from all around the world with one singular goal: to invest for their “why” and each person has a story.

Let’s write yours.

Sabrina & Sief